Blurring the line between work and passion

Most of my work consists of photographing humans, and for as long as I can remember I have always been fascinated by them. So by deciding to share my unique view of life and people with the world I hope to create something that we can all enjoy.

Concerts and Events

Since I have a masters degree in music, one of my favorite places to be at and shoot are festivals and concerts. I feels natural to blend in so I can capture the most candid shots.


When it comes to people I just love to capture their pure emotions or just make them look awesome while expressing their authentic self.

Parties and Events

I have always loved having an awesome time surrounded by lovely people, so it's only natural for me to be in my element at parties and to blend in in order to capture that unique moment.


When it comes to shooting photos or videos for business it's usually a joy since I have always loved innovation, being creative and bringing people visions to life.